Jessie played XENA in the world premiere of XENA: Warrior Musical.

About the making of XENA: WARRIOR MUSICAL

“Luci and Meghan realized that Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor are synonymous with Xena and Gabrielle and they might get pushback from fans. They conquered that hesitancy by engaging intense Xena fans. (Jessie MacBeth and Grace Hamashima assume these roles in the new production.) After a long pandemic, they held a concert in December 2021 at Brooklyn’s Gold Sound Bar, and immediately both Luci and Meghan knew “they had something.” The duo were invited to go to a retreat for Xena fans this past April. “We had to see their responses before we went forward,” they said. The stakes were high as they climbed a mountain in California with eight suitcases full of music equipment!

“We wanted the audience to feel they are part of that stage. A lot of the feedback from audiences was that the show is healing. Seeing it on the physical stage made them feel complete in some way,” said Luci. The show was intended for the audience to have deeply transformative moments, and that seems to have been accomplished.”

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